What is the minimum size for a wet room?

While there is not a specific minimum size for a wetroom, the smallest floor former produced by Impey measures just 800mm x 800mm which means the design benefits of wetrooms can be introduced into the most confined spaces. If there is such a thing as an absolute ‘minimum’ then it is around that size.

In smaller spaces, the wetroom area will more closely resemble a traditional shower, since a shower screen will probably be needed to stop the rest of the space getting drenched. Nobody likes using soggy towels! Thanks to sleek and elegant screen designs, however, the wetroom will still enjoy the seamless continuity of style and level access that makes having one so appealing, both visually and practically.

There may not be a minimum size for a wetroom beyond what the laws of physics allow, but there is a maximum to what any single space can accommodate. Juggling your expectations of what a wetroom can offer against what the space can accommodate is important.

Remember too that a wetroom could change how you perceive an existing space. In small bathrooms, a bath can take up a big chunk of the usable floor area. Removing the bath and introducing a wetroom design frees up that space, resulting in a room that might actually feel bigger than it did before.

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