What is a wetroom?

A wetroom is a walk-in shower area, which is level with the surrounding floor. However, the actual floor of the shower area inclines gently towards the drain both to ensure the water flows away efficiently and also to help contain the water, preventing it from migrating into the rest of the bathroom.

Space is less of a constraint than in a conventional bathroom design where a bath, basin and sanitary ware can make for a less flexible configuration. They can be installed in small or large spaces, in niches and challenging alcoves, where walls are maybe not uniform, in loft conversions and basement spa areas – they can also be the perfect solution for windowless bathrooms.

More information about the Impey wetroom product range can be found by downloading our brochure here.

One thought on “What is a wetroom?

  • My mum has had a wet room installed. The toilet and wash basin were moved. The floor insulated and puddles gather away from shore area. She uses a Zimmer frame and there are times it wobbles. I feel that the floor should be level with a gentle slope to water out not undulating. Am I right?

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