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The number of homeowners and property developers requesting accessible shower rooms is on the rise. The flexibility and practicality of an adapted bathroom coupled with the recent surge in popularity of residential wetrooms means that an accessible bathroom can be a vital addition to many homes.

Terry McGonigle from McGonigle Plumbing & Heating Services in Strabane has been involved in the bathroom installation market for 30 years and specialises in the installation of accessible showering solutions.

With first-hand experience of the importance of accessible wetrooms and the value of adequate showering facilities for those who are unable to utilise a traditional bathroom, Terry took some time to discuss his view of the bathroom adaptations sector and how he is able to offer all of his customers the best possible wetroom conversions.

1) Have you noticed an increase in demand for residential bathroom adaptations?

Yes; it’s rising all the time. We work on grant aided conversions as well as private, self- funded bathroom adaptations and the demand for modern, accessible wetrooms is higher than ever.

2) How do customers want their accessible bathrooms to look?

All of our customers aspire to a modern bathroom. We utilise our experience of accessible showering installations to create contemporary wetrooms, which offer all the necessary practical functions for our customers without appearing ‘institutional’.

bath in wetroom space
Removing bath before wetroom installation3) Who are the typical users of adapted wetrooms?

There are so many users for modern wetrooms. We work on adaptations for elderly customers and people with disabilities as well as individuals with long-term illness. We have also seen wetrooms become increasingly popular with families who have young children.

4) What are your ‘must-have’ products for an accessible wetroom?

Number one for us is the Impey Level-Dec floor former because it’s excellent quality, so easy to install and long lasting; we can’t recommend it highly enough. The simple installation benefits of the Impey Level-Dec can make a huge difference, as the rotating trap enables us to quickly circumnavigate existing pipework, joists etc meaning we can meet our quick turnaround times and ensure customer satisfaction.

Another important feature which we use in many of the wetrooms we install is the Impey ‘Elevate’ bi-folding half-height door. The magnetic closures are second to none and option to fold them away and lock them in position when not in use means that they’re ideal for installation even in smaller bathrooms.

5) What is your experience of working with Impey products?

We have been using Impey products since the company first began manufacturing wetroom solutions in 1998 and we are incredibly confident in the products and also the quality of service offered by the Impey team.

In all kinds of wetroom scenario we can depend on Impey products to offer an ideal solution and easy installation benefits. If we ever need anything in a hurry, the Impey next day delivery service is invaluable.

6) How important is speed of installation to for the projects you are involved with?

It’s incredibly important to our company! We aim to turn around a wetroom adaptation in three working days from start to finish, so that we are creating the least possible disruption to the homeowner and facilitating the installation of their required showering facilities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

impey wetroom with elevate doors and mira shower
A leak free, open plan wetroom with grab rails for increased stability offers an ideal showering space for users with specific mobility requirements


7) How do customers react to their accessible wetroom installations?

To see the joy and happiness in the faces of our clients when their wetrooms are completed gives our team a great deal of pride in our workmanship. We feel that it’s important for those individuals who require a wetroom to be supplied with one quickly, so that they can benefit from the ease of use and sense of wellbeing it offers as soon as possible.

We combine high quality products like those we source from Impey with our experience and professionalism to ensure complete satisfaction for all of our customers and we don’t settle for anything less!

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