How to Install Level-Access Shower Floors

Problems often encountered by installers of level-access shower floors (also known as wetroom floors) are poor drainage performance and water running off into far corners of the shower room. This can be easily avoided by simply ensuring that the floor is level and sound prior to installation. Firstly, it is essential that the floor former is installed perfectly level on the sub-floor or joists below. This is because floor formers have a built-in gradient to the drainage point and when they are not installed level the drainage performance is compromised and can cause water to run away from the drain.

Secondly, the surrounding floor must also be level in order to prevent any water that has escaped from the shower zone from running away too far corners of the shower room where it could potentially cause damage to any structure that is not protected by the vinyl. Finally, the floor must be sound prior to the installation of the vinyl floor covering. Any protrusions, unevenness or significant movement in floorboards can over time cause splitting and damage the vinyl or tiles. This can lead to leaks, damage to the building structure and consequently result in expensive repair bills. So, to avoid pools of water, poor drainage performance and leaking shower floors make sure the floor is level and sound before installing a level-access shower.

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