Do I Need A Shower Tray When Designing A Wetroom?

Shower tray

When it comes to creating a wetroom, waterproofing is critical, since the entire room needs to be designed to prevent leaks and water ingress. However, a shower tray is not necessary, since waterproofing is achieved through a combination of floor formers and tanking.

What is a Floor Former?

Floor formers are used to create a floor gradient, ensuring water flows directly to the drains. Here at Impey, we offer a wide range of options, with products suitable for rooms of any size.

Aqua-Grade is a modular system that can be installed directly on the sub-floor for new-pour solid floors. There’s also Aqua-Dec, a floorboard replacement that can be cut to size. Our Aqua-Dec EasyFit floor formers are the strongest and most rigid on the market, and are capable of bearing up to 47 stone with no extra support.

After the floor formers are installed, wetroom tanking can begin. This involves sealing over all joints, corners, wall-to floor junctions & drain edges with jointing tape, and then applying a waterproof tanking membrane.

Waterguard tanking waterproof wetroom

If you’re considering installing a level access shower tray, rather than a wetroom system, it’s important to note that the process is very similar, and the same level of waterproofing will be required. In most cases, opting for a fully tanked room is marginally more expensive, but provides better peace of mind in regards to preventing leaks and water damage.

To learn more, please take a look at our range of wetroom floor formers and waterproofing systems.

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